Surgical Oncology is the orphan child of fundraising. There is very little attention and funding given to it, despite the fact that in many cases surgery is essential for a positive outcome. Cancer surgery  fills a unique need for the treatment for peritoneal cancers, rather than a series of chemo and radiation treatments. Unfortunately the scheduling of surgeries is not centrally controlled, as in Alberta. In BC, scheduling is the responsibility of individual hospitals. This limits the ability to provide cutting edge surgical treatment, because of budgetary cuts to hospitals.

Where to donate?

If you are wishing to donate to the Peritoneal Malignancy Program, please contact the  VGH Foundation. To make a gift or for more information contact Stephanie Forgacs at 604 875 4902 or visit us at

What is most urgently needed?

With your help we can raise funds specifically for surgical oncology. Here are some of the most pressing current needs:

New Cancer Surgery in Vancouver

Our thanks to

VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation for their gracious donation that allowed for the the purchase of a second Belmont Hyperthermia Pump for the provision of Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) at VGH. This pump will make this vital surgery more accessible and safe for BC patients.

Several of the BCPCN members have been working on fundraising projects for the Peritoneal Malignancy Fund at the Foundation. We are committed to making this Fund a continued source of support for patients, their families, and the research necessary to advance peritoneal malignancy treatments.

K. Sopko for her Grouse Grind fundraiser.


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