Welcome to the BC Peritoneal Cancer Network!

The BCPCN is a newly-formed association of peritoneal cancer patients and their supporters. Several of us have had HIPEC surgery at VGH by Dr. Yarrow McConnell, and several others had HIPEC surgery outside of BC before the VGH program started. We hope that these pages provide you with some resources for the journey you are undertaking.  Peritoneal cancers and their treatment aren’t as well known or funded in the community at large, so we hope that these resources give a  starting point for those seeking to know more about them. Here you will be able to find out about ongoing research, fundraising needs, surgical options and patient stories. We hope to build this into a community that can support one another, and help advocate for more research and better treatments.

Your donation will help fund both improved access and treatment for all BC residents and innovative research to keep BC at the forefront of new developments in peritoneal cancer treatment.